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'There is Always Plan Bee' sterling silver earrings

'There is Always Plan Bee' sterling silver earrings


’There is Always Plan Bee’ are an alluring, spectacular set of sterling silver bee pendant design earrings. 


The bee pendant on each earring measures approximately 15 mm by 15 mm and arrives on your choice of stud, hook through or dangle earring posts to place through the earlobe. 


As with all jewellery created by The Radiant Foxall fixings and parts of these earrings are made with hallmarked sterling silver.


These earrings team up perfectly with either ‘Beauty is in the Eye of the Bee-Holder’ or 'Bee-utiful' necklaces, 'Work Hard Stay Bumble' earrings, and either of the 'Bee the Change You Want to See' or 'Well Honeycomb, Bee My Own' bracelets.  

  • Care Instructions

    A jewellery care card is included in each The Radiant Fox jewellery order sent out.

    Sterling silver naturally oxidises and will eventually tarnish, please rub with a silver cloth to restore its finish.  These can be purchased from our website.  Take extra care around stones and pearls.  Please do not use metal cleaners on vermeil as this may remove plate. Instead use a soft, lint free cloth. 

    Be careful when storing your jewellery, use acid free tissue paper, a airtight lock bag or pendant box to minimise moisture and light exposure. 

    Be careful with sun cream or perfumes and always remove jewellery before swimming or bathing.

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