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Kirsty is the face behind The Radiant Fox.  Having had a keen interest of a variety of crafts since a young age, in 2016 Kirsty took the plunge to make a career out of her talents and hasn't looked back since.  

Kirsty enjoys walking, board-gaming, reading, music and spending time with her family and friends outside of her crafting.  

The Radiant Fox offers a unique selection of high quality, hand-produced sterling silver jewellery and gifts.  Kirsty cannot wait to work with you to make your ideal sterling silver jewellery a reality.  

At the beginning of 2023, Kirsty and her family began hosting The Artisan Bazaar.  A curated collection of crafters, of whom can all create a bespoke piece in their style specifically for you.  Pop along to one of our exhibitions to see the demonstrations and talent in person.

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