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Worcestershire, UK

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Kirsty is the face behind The Radiant Fox.  Having had a keen interest in craft since a very early age, she has decided to supply her handcrafted items to you for your pleasure.  

Over recent years, Kirsty has been carrying out more and more craft projects for friends and family, whether it has been birthday parties or bridal parties, weddings through to baby showers...  No task has been too much. 


From initial invitations, to place names, to decorations, keepsakes, favours and games.  Kirsty has included all to ensure  her friends happiness comes paramount.    

After receiving more compliments than ever following her recent wedding, Kirsty has decided to make a career using her talents. 

Kirsty has a history of jewellery making and card making.  Over recent years she has increased her knowledge of working with a variety of different medias such as wood and ceramics.  

Kirsty enjoys walking, reading and spending time with her family and friends outside of her craft making.