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Stomp the Plank

Stomp the Plank


You are young and mischievous pirates.


Try to steal treasures from captain Giraffe’s chest while accusing your fellow pirates. But be careful because if you get caught, you’ll walk the plank!


For each treasure you manage to steal, your opponent will end up with a crate at the end of their plank...which might just tip over... The first one to fall loses the game!


Each turn, draw as many cards as you want from the captain's chest.


The more you draw, the more crates your opponents will place on their planks.


But be careful, if you draw the same card twice, your elephant will stomp forward on your plank.


This is a great game for all the family and works well as a push-your-luck competitive game for even the fiercest little elephants.  

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