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Connoisseur's Jewellery Cleaning Wipes

Connoisseur's Jewellery Cleaning Wipes


The Radiant Fox is proud to be a trusted partner with Connoiseur's jewellery cleaning specialists.  


Jewellery Wipes make cleaning silver jewellery as easy as putting it on...  Anytime...Anywhere.


Connoiseur's Wipes apply an anti-tarnish shield to help your jewellery retain its lustre. The wipes are dry and disposable, but can be used multiple times. 


Due to it's non-abrassive nature, the wipes are suitable for cleaning sterling silver, gold, plated and semi- precious jewellery.  They also work well on watches.  

How to use:- 

1. Remove 1 dry, disposable wipe from the compact case.

2. Rub jewellery with a wipe to remove dirt and tarnish.

3. Some residue from the wipe may appear on your fingers and jewellery.  This residue is not dirt.  Rinse hands in soap and water.

4. Excess rubbing may create residue on hands and jewellery.  If so, wipe jewellery with a damp, soft cloth.

5. Wipes will not dry out, can be reused until no longer effective.


There are 25 wipes in this compact sized case.  

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